Get to Know Rekha, Our Newest Project Analyst!

Rekha Kumar

Meet Rekha Kumar

We love having Project Analyst Rekha Kumar on the ERTHE team. Rekha has been at ERTHE since January 2022, and she brings her impressive background in urban planning, data analysis, and sustainability. We sat down with Rekha to talk about her background, her passions, and why she loves what she does.

Tell me about your past experience.

I’m an urban planner by education. I earned my undergrad in architecture in India. During this time, my passion for sustainability was sparked as I witnessed energy-efficient building designs and the use of natural materials to enhance the cooling of structures. In the U.S., I earned my Masters in planning and launched my career working as a City Planner for the City of Cincinnati. I then transitioned into the role of Planning Liaison between the City Planning Department and the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. In this role I focused on integrating green infrastructure guidelines and sustainable stormwater management practices in city-wide development projects and policymaking. In this unique position, I assisted the Sewer District in achieving their clean water goals. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to the improvement of water quality and environmental sustainability within the region.

What drew you to ERTHE?

I took some time off from work to start a family, and when I planned to rejoin the workforce I had the chance to reflect on the kind of work that truly fulfilled me. I realized I was most passionate about contributing to sustainability efforts. That’s when I discovered ERTHE. It felt like the perfect fit for me, allowing me to pursue my passion while making a positive impact.

What do you like about the energy efficiency industry?

The energy efficiency industry is like a hidden gem, often underestimated and overlooked. While it may not always be in the spotlight, I see immense potential for a positive impact on our energy landscape and plenty of opportunities to raise awareness. Being part of the energy efficiency sector brings me great satisfaction because our work directly influences how people save energy and prevent waste. Even though I work as a project analyst behind the scenes, I feel a strong sense of contribution towards our shared goal.

What skills and abilities do you bring to your clients?

Drawing upon my background in architecture and urban planning, I bring a diverse skill set encompassing design, development, and data analysis. My keen attention to detail further enhances my capabilities in these areas.

What do you like best about ERTHE?

The entire ERTHE team consists of problem solvers who approach challenges with creativity, and that aspect truly excites me. We all hold ourselves to high standards in our work. The team’s effective communication and coordination ensure that we deliver excellent results. Clients can expect top-notch quality work from our team of experts in the field. At ERTHE, we genuinely prioritize our clients’ needs and always have their best interests in mind.

What do you like best about what you do?

Working with the data, analyzing it, and presenting it—it excites me. Also, we are always learning new tools and developing strategies to improve our work. We get to learn new things, be creative, and solve problems. All this combined is what makes my job very interesting. In fact, this job doesn’t feel like a job, because I am so passionate about it. I look forward to work.

Where do you see energy efficiency in the future?

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in the realm of clean energy. To pave the way towards a sustainable future, it is imperative that we begin by optimizing our existing resources. Currently, we are taking incremental steps to enact positive transformations. As the energy efficiency sector continues to evolve, it will be at the forefront, reshaping the industry’s approach to energy generation, distribution, and customer engagement.

Now tell us about yourself outside of work!

I enjoy spending time with my family—my husband and twin boys. We love outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, biking, and playing together. On a personal level, I enjoy practicing yoga, sketching, and writing poetry.

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