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We efficiently and effectively manage your projects by ensuring robust communication and thorough scheduling, so you see results and achieve your goals.  
Erthe Energy Solutions 8x5

Our goal is making you successful, whether that is improving operations, processes, customer experience, network diversity, or taking programs to the next level. We focus on helping you identify gaps, risks, and barriers keeping you from meeting goals, then develop and deploy a strategy for achievement. We listen to your challenges and draw from our 40 years of combined experience and collective industry knowledge to create solutions.


Targeted Program and Portfolio Advice Turn your challenges into opportunities


We work with you to identify issue root causes; then develop, test, evaluate, and deploy successful solutions.

Program Design

We help you develop successful program designs, which are well defined, have realistic goals with a straightforward method for customer and trade ally participation, identify and remove participation barriers, and have a repeatable and scalable implementation model.

Process Improvement

We help you identify gaps in processes across your program portfolio and develop solutions to bridge those gaps.

Customer and Trade Ally Experience

Customers and trade allies expect a customized experience and information at their fingertips, we help you develop solutions to address these expectations and bring consistency across programs.


People-centric solutions Tap into other perspectives

Simplified Messaging

We simplify the complex energy efficiency industry terminology and make it accessible and applicable to your customers to drive participation.

Experience Consistency

Each program comes with its own experience. This impacts the customer satisfaction. We increase consistency to help drive improved customer satisfaction.

Reach your Customers

Non-wires alternatives, customer-segment campaigns, geo-campaigns, where to start? We help you determine and develop the best marketing and outreach strategy to reach your customers.

Customer and Trade Ally Interactions 

We identify and improve how customers and trade allies interact with each other, as well as how each group interacts with the program.


Go Beyond the Status Quo Be a leader in the industry


We help you take what is working and make it even better.

Operational Excellence

With our extensive experience in both business operations and implementation, we help utilities and their implementation teams operate more effectively.

Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit

Have you reached the point in your portfolio where the low hanging fruit is no longer meeting your goals? We develop innovative solutions to help you move beyond what is easy. 


We help you develop a structure for increasing diversity across your portfolio, whether customers, trade allies, or vendors.


Navigate operational challenges Optimize your current structure


Whether you are looking to increase your visibility, understanding, or management of your data, we analyze your data to create meaningful insights, as well as develop processes and procedures to mitigate your risk.

Business Operations

We help you identify challenges and solutions to optimize your current operations, structure, and financial procedures. Transition seamlessly with our help—we develop and deploy detailed change management plans.

Strategic Planning

Do you know how you are going to accomplish your future goals? Does your team? Working with you and your team, we develop a strategic plan that achieves your objectives.

Contract Structure

We help you develop the ideal contract structure to ensure you and your contractors have the optimal balance of risk, reward, and control.