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Operational Excellence

With our extensive experience in both business operations and implementation, we help utilities and their implementation teams operate more effectively, addressing concerns from financial forecasting and data reporting to cybersecurity to strategic planning.

  • Data security/Cybersecurity
  • Business operations
  • Financial procedures (e.g. tax reporting, forecasting)
  • Data reporting and opportunities for data analytics
  • Strategic planning

We customize solutions for utilities based upon their operational needs. We have experience in helping utilities and their implementers review and develop methods for meeting everything from data security to data and financial reporting requirements. This includes a review of and recommendations for improving data management, financial forecasting, and data reporting. We have experience working with multiple technologies, but find that the simplest, most streamlined solutions are typically the best as they are repeatable and understandable by the full team implementing them.

We have experience developing strategic plans for everything from energy efficiency programs to full businesses. We will work with you and your implementer to determine what you are looking to accomplish, take a candid look at where you are, and develop a plan for achievement of your goals. We have found that the most successful strategic plans are those that are developed with help from the team that will be implementing them. Plans that are developed in a vacuum without team input tend to be quickly forgotten.

All of our recommended solutions provide the level of support you are looking for, from the analysis of the current state, to the development of solutions, to helping deploy and train your implementer for success.  This approach and goal of developing streamlined solutions with repeatable outcomes helps reduce risk and ensure future success.

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