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Customer Experience

Customers expect a customized experience and information at their fingertips, we help utilities and their implementers develop solutions to address their customer expectations and bring consistency across programs

  • Participation process (e.g. too many touch points?)
  • Interactions with program offerings and implementing contractors
  • Customer service and program offering consistency

Customer participation, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest concerns for most energy efficiency programs. There are many strategies for customer engagement and participation, from outreach to marketing campaigns to targeted incentives and geographic or segment campaigns. Most of the customer engagement strategies are driven at a program level, which impacts the customer experience. Hence customer experience can vary widely across a utility portfolio based upon the implementation of the programs. Many utilities realize how important customer experience is and are looking to the future and how they can ensure they remain a trusted partner for their customers. We will help utilities review their current customer experience, identify their ideal experience, and work with them and their implementers to develop and deploy solutions.

Since energy efficiency program customer experience is so influenced by their experience with the program itself, inconsistency across the programs is a concern. Some utilities feel they have solved this by having a single portfolio implementer or having the implementer be the main point of contact for customers; however, there still can be issues. Our experience in program design and implementation have given us the opportunity to develop tools and best practices and help utilities increase their JD Power scores. We will work with you to determine the gaps in customer experience and develop solutions to resolve.

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