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Bryan Haney

ERTHE_Bryan_Haney_Energy Program Consultants

Bryan Haney


Bryan joined Erthe Energy Solutions in 2024 as a Principal. He brings 15+ years of experience leading teams to develop and administer large-scale, utility-funded programs, integrate software, and engage end-use customers in the clean energy sector. He excels at developing and managing high-performing teams, coordinating effectively with clients and partners, organizational communication, and driving progress towards strategic objectives. Bryan is passionate about advancing an inclusive and sustainable energy future that benefits all people and the environment.

Our Solutions

Operational Improvement

+ Data security/Cybersecurity
+ Business operations
+ Financial procedures (e.g. tax reporting, forecasting)
+ Data reporting and opportunities for data analytics
+ Strategic planning

Process Improvement

+ Trade Ally and customer experience
+ Program design and driving innovation
+ Program integration, coordinating consistency across multiple implementing contractors

Customer Experience

+ Participation process (e.g. too many touch points?)
+ Interactions with program offerings and implementing contractors
+ Customer service and program offering consistency

Network Diversity

+ Identifying gaps in diversity participation
+ Identifying potential diverse partners
+ Assisting with growth and development of diverse partners
+ Facilitating connections between diverse and non-diverse partners
+ Increasing network diversity