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Process Improvement

We help utility teams identify gaps in processes across their program portfolio and develop solutions to bridge those gaps, from program design, financial forecasting, data reporting, to trade ally network and customer experience consistency.

  • Trade Ally and customer experience
  • Program design and driving innovation
  • Program integration, coordinating consistency across multiple implementing contractors

We have over 35 years working in the demand management industry helping utilities implement their energy efficiency programs. During that time, we gained experience managing and implementing everything from small business to industrial to retro-commissioning programs. Selena, in particular, helped a Midwest utility client grow their small business program from serving 400 customers a year to 10,000 customers per year, the largest program in the nation. She did that by leading the implementation team in developing innovative program designs, partnering with local trade allies, and driving process improvements.

Process improvement can take many forms, but the first step is understanding the current process and identifying the gaps and areas for improvement. We will work with you to identify the areas for improvement at a portfolio, program, or specific process flow level depending upon your needs. After identifying the process gaps, we will work with you and your implementer to develop solutions. Once solutions are agreed upon, we will work with your implementer to deploy the developed process improvements.

There are many methods for program implementation and design, but in our experience, the best design is scalable and repeatable. We will work with you to identify gaps in your program design and implementation and compare current performance against industry standards and best practices. Based upon that information we will work with you to develop and deploy a custom solution for the gaps identified.

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