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Network Diversity

As a woman owned business with over 35 years of combined experience we understand the diversity challenges in the utility energy efficiency space. We help utilities develop and deploy a plan for increasing portfolio diversity.

  • Identifying gaps in diversity participation
  • Identifying potential diverse partners
  • Assisting with growth and development of diverse partners
  • Facilitating connections between diverse and non-diverse partners
  • Increasing network diversity

The energy landscape is changing, integrated demand-side management is becoming the trend of the future along with a drive to increase utility partner diversity. As a woman-owned business with over 35 years of experience in the demand side management industry, we are uniquely positioned to help the modern utility navigate both of these futures.

We will help utilities identify and develop a network of diverse partners from trade allies and service providers to implementers. We will work with utilities to identify their network diversity needs and goals and develop and deploy a solution to meet those needs. Those solutions could be as simple as understanding the network and hosting partnering events to more long-term partner development and training.

As mentioned in our other solutions, our goal isn’t to spend the utility’s time in doing a study or developing complex solutions that are impossible to implement, rather to create clean, elegant solutions that serve utilities and their implementation teams well into the future. Network diversity is no different.

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