Project: Trade Ally Network Optimization

Project: Implementation of Trade Ally Network Initiatives (2019 – Present)

Client: Northern Illinois Investor-Owned Utility

Project Highlights:
–  Implemented 13 portfolio-level strategic initiatives in 2019
–  Created a first of its kind network-wide trade ally co-branded Identifier Card for trade allies to present to customers to gain credibility in the field
–  Developed and coordinated a communications strategy
–  Completed 2019 work ahead of schedule and within budget

Erthe Energy Solutions was contracted by a Northern Illinois investor-owned utility to implement the trade ally network initiatives that were identified in their 2018 trade ally strategic plan. During 2019, Erthe worked closely with the utility team and Implementing Contractors to implement 13 of 29 portfolio-level strategic initiatives, focusing on standardizing the participation experience for trade allies (including the network application, agreement, marketing rules, and inspection expectations), identifying best practices to gather trade ally feedback, and designing a rating and tiering system to reward and develop trade allies. Work will continue with Phase 2 of the trade ally network initiatives in 2020.

We utilized the following tools to deliver this project on time and within budget:
–  Custom communication and routing plan
–  Detailed schedule
–  Weekly operations report to communicate project and financial progress to client
–  Engaged multiple stakeholders (utility staff and Implementing Contractors) to help ensure deliverables met needs across the portfolio
–  Provided robust communication including a monthly progress report shared with the broader utility team
–  Created a detailed document guiding Implementing Contractors on how to use the created deliverables