Press Release – Erthe Energy Solutions Launched Woman-Owned Firm to Assist in Energy Operations

For Immediate Release: November 6, 2018

Contact: Selena Worster Walde, Erthe Energy Solutions

Erthe Energy Solutions Launched Woman-Owned Firm to Assist in Energy Operations

Naperville, IL: Selena Worster Walde and Lydia Mezey West announced today the launch of Erthe Energy Solutions, a fully woman-owned energy and utility services company. “Our goal is to combine our diverse experience in operations and project management with our shared passion for building a sustainable energy future”, said Worster Walde.

“The traditional utility/customer model is changing as customers seek to have more control over their energy usage and environmental footprint. We at Erthe Energy Solutions are excited to work with our clients to employ best practices to increase their operational efficiency, maximize customer participation, and meet their diversity goals.”

The principals, with 35 years of combined experience in the energy sector focusing on helping utilities mitigate risk, are both veterans of energy consulting and services company Nexant. Mezey West stated, “We look forward to continuing to work with many of our professional colleagues as we move forward to establish our new place in the energy sector.”

Erthe Energy Solutions provides solutions that bridge the gap between utilities and their program implementation teams by identifying areas for operational, process, customer experience, and network diversity improvements. Successful implementation reduces utility financial risk, improves customer experience, and engages a diverse network.

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