Get to Know Mahagony Isabell, Our Newest Project Manager!

Isabell_Mahagony_Erthe Energy Solutions

We are so excited to welcome Mahagony Isabell to the ERTHE team. She has been a Project Manager since September 2022 and adds so much value with her impressive background in engineering design and project management. We sat down with Mahagony to talk to her more about what brought her to us, the skills and passion she brings to every project, and what she loves about her work. 

Tell me about your past experience.

I earned my degree in civil and environmental engineering and started in civil design work in land development for municipalities, working for a private firm. I realized there that I wasn’t interested in designing behind a desk all day—the work was too repetitive for me. I switched to project management and worked for the City of Pearland, another municipality. There, I oversaw the construction of water/wastewater facilities, and roadway projects. I enjoyed the aspects of project management—stakeholder engagement, risk management, scope creation, budgeting, making sure we stay in scope, making sure contractors were doing what they were contracted to do. Then I continued in project management working for the federal government.

What drew you to ERTHE?

I started at ERTHE at the end of last year, in September 2022. I was very interested in the energy sector, and at this company, I was drawn to the people. Because it’s a small company, I interviewed with the entire team, and we had a great dynamic from the start. Although I hadn’t worked in energy in the past, Project Management is transferable no matter where you work— and they were interested in the depth of my experience and my love of client interaction. I could see they were genuine people who cared about their clients and the quality of work they produce.

What do you like about the energy industry? 

I enjoy the diversity of the work—it’s not the same every day. And I enjoy our diversity of clients. I also appreciate that the work is problem- and solutions-oriented. You see the challenge, and it’s up to you to find a solution that works. It’s open-ended and creative. 

What skills and abilities do you bring to your clients? 

I’m able to offer an outside view when it comes to process improvement. I examine how they deliver certain projects or scopes of work and consider new ways and ideas. When you work in the same industry or company, you get used to how things have always been done. I can offer a fresh set of eyes and ears—a different perspective. 

What is your goal when assigned to a project? How do you help your clients? 

The goal is problem solving. Most clients have a goal in mind or something they want done, like process improvement. A lot of clients want organized ways of doing things. It’s my job to listen to the client’s needs, put together a plan, and express the plan clearly and thoroughly so anyone can understand it—even if they aren’t in the field or sector.

What do you like best about ERTHE? 

ERTHE establishes great working relationships with clients—clients often extend contracts because the ERTHE team is willing to go far beyond their duties. The team is flexible and willing to jump in and help the client wherever they need the extra help. We aren’t just confined to one set scope of work—we jump in wherever the client needs us to serve, and we are willing to help them out. 

What do you like best about what you do? 

I like the opportunity to use my creativity to build strategic plans, whether it’s making schedules, writing standard operating procedure documents, managing data, or planning how we will communicate and deliver information so people throughout the company can understand. We can think creatively about how to implement things in a way that captures people’s attention. It is not just a process or blueprint—we are able to creatively come up with unique ways to do things. 

Now tell us about yourself outside of work! 

I live in Houston, and I like to do outdoor activities, walking, and going sight-seeing. I enjoy renting a bike and riding through the city. I love going to explore different museums, pop-ups, and check out different food places—I love to eat!