Erthe Energy Solutions Hires Bryan Haney, as Principal

Bryan Haney, ERTHE Energy Solutions

For Release: June 10, 2024
Contact: Selena Worster Walde, Erthe Energy Solutions

Press Release – Erthe Energy Solutions Hires Bryan Haney, as Principal

Naperville, IL: Erthe Energy Solutions announced today that Bryan Haney has joined the team as a Principal. He brings 15+ years of experience leading teams to develop and administer large-scale, utility-funded programs, integrate software, and engage end-use customers in the clean energy sector. He excels at developing and managing high-performing teams, coordinating effectively with clients and partners, organizational communication, and driving progress towards strategic objectives. Bryan is passionate about advancing an inclusive and sustainable energy future that benefits all people and the environment.

“We are excited to have Bryan join our team and bring his expertise and perspective to our clients.” said Selena Worster Walde, CEO. “Bryan enjoys tackling complex challenges as much as the rest of the team, making for a fun solution development process.” said Lydia Mezey West, COO.

Erthe Energy Solutions solves clean energy challenges to start and sustain lasting change. We combine thoughtful and creative problem-solving with practical project management, operations, and business expertise to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. And make our collective future better.

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