ERTHE Completes Nearly Two-Year Energy Efficiency Strategic Planning for Two Illinois Natural Gas Utilities

Client / Project

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas
Energy Efficiency 2020–2021 Portfolio Structure, Strategic Plan, and Strategic Initiatives

Project Background and Catalyst

ERTHE was contracted by PGL NSG to develop a new Portfolio structure, Strategic Plan, and Change Management and Transition Plan for their portfolio of energy efficiency programs (Portfolio). After nearly two years of working alongside Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas (PGL NSG), ERTHE completed the strategic planning process for their Energy Efficiency Portfolio. This included 8 overarching goals and 60 forward thinking initiatives, 6 of which were implemented in 2021. 


During 2020, ERTHE worked closely with the PGL NSG Energy Efficiency Team to analyze the current Portfolio operations, performance, and structure, then developed a new Portfolio structure to meet PGL NSG’s evolving needs as they prepared to move into their Portfolio’s 10th year. Along with the Portfolio structure, ERTHE developed a Strategic Plan to further support PGL NSG in defining and achieving their current and future goals. Finally, a Change Management and Transition Plan was developed to support PGL NSG in realizing the changes set forth in the new Portfolio structure and Strategic Plan, as well as to ensure a seamless transition amidst the robust change PGL NSG would be undertaking. In 2021, ERTHE supported PGL NSG by working to complete selected Strategic Plan initiatives and piloting recommended approaches. 



  • Developed a SWOT Analysis for the Energy Efficiency Portfolio 
  • Developed an Energy Efficiency Portfolio Vision 
  • Developed an Energy Efficiency Portfolio and Program Implementation Structure 
  • Developed a Strategic Plan with 8 overarching goals and 60 initiatives to drive Portfolio improvements and innovations 
  • Implemented 6 Portfolio initiatives in 2021 to help PGL NSG prepare for Plan Phase 4 (2022–2025)

Project Timeline

(April 2020–December 2021)

Erthe Energy Efficiency Strategic Planning 600


  • Worked closely with the PGL NSG team to ensure an in-depth understanding of the longer-term goals for the Portfolio and current constraints 
  • Applied industry knowledge to develop a robust and actionable Strategic Plan and implementable Portfolio Structure 
  • Detailed schedule 
  • ERTHE proprietary weekly operations report to communicate project and financial progress