Year One of Administering Natural Gas Utility Energy Efficiency Portfolio Previews an Impactful Quadrennial

Client / Project

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas
Energy Efficiency Program 2022–2025 Portfolio Administrator

Project Background and Catalyst

ERTHE worked closely with Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas in 2022 to step into the Administration role for their energy efficiency portfolio. Bringing together our four partners ensures we provide expert service in all areas of portfolio administration. ERTHE is working closely with the PGL NSG team to bring the strategic plan vision to reality, focusing on data management and visibility, operations consistency, continuous improvement, driving brand awareness and spurring innovation.

Erthe Energy - Program Administrator 1


ERTHE was contracted by PGL NSG as their 2022–2025 Energy Efficiency Program Portfolio Administrator. In Q1, ERTHE developed and deployed our custom patent-pending operations report to provide increased visibility across all teams, deployed a robust communication and engagement strategy, developed measurable and quantifiable portfolio plans based upon the Strategic Plan we developed in 2021, and completed all high priority initiatives, ensuring utility energy efficiency reporting data accuracy and compliance.

We developed and are deploying a 2022 Portfolio Strategic Plan, Data and QA/QC Plan, Portfolio Marketing Plan, Portfolio Trade Ally Plan, and Program Marketing Plan to ensure an overarching portfolio strategy, consistent communication and coordination, cost-effectiveness and visibility, identification of gaps and solution development, innovation, brand awareness and engagement. 

ERTHE is the prime and provides the management and administration of the portfolio with support from our partners: Mulder Consulting a WOSB (Portfolio Marketing support and Program Marketing), Evergreen Consulting Group a Certified B Corp (Trade Ally Hub and Learning Management System), PACO Collective a MBE (Portfolio Digital Marketing), L3 Agency a MBE (Community Outreach). See examples of our collaboration below.

Program Administrator


  • Developed and implemented a plan for transitioning the scope from the current administrator
  • Developed and deployed a robust communication, collaboration, and engagement strategy for working with the implementation team
  • Developed and deployed measurable and quantifiable Portfolio Strategic Plan, Data and QA/QC Plan, Portfolio Marketing Plan, Portfolio Trade Ally Plan, and Innovation Plan
  • Focused on and completed high priority data and reporting initiatives within Q1 of launch
  • Developed a Trade Ally Communication and Learning Management Hub
  • Managed and implemented Portfolio Marketing and Outreach strategies, including digital content strategies 
  • Managed and implemented Program Marketing and Outreach strategies
Energy Efficiency Program Savings vs Spend Report

Project Timeline


Environmental Impact Report - Consultants


  • Worked closely with the PGL NSG team to ensure the high priority launch compliance reporting needs were identified and addressed
  • Applied industry knowledge to develop robust and actionable Portfolio Plans
  • Detailed schedule and tools that provide increased visibility coupled with process efficiency
  • ERTHE proprietary and patent-pending weekly operations report to communicate project and financial progress for both ERTHE and PGL NSG Portfolio